Make tasty curry with our Santoku knife!

I made dry curry with root vegetables and ground pork.

This time as well, I used a santoku knife to cut the vegetables.
The santoku knife, which is popular in Japan, is a versatile kitchen knife named for the fact that it can be used for three (san) purposes (toku).
As the knife’s name suggests, it can be used to cut any kind of vegetables, meat, or fish. In Japan, where even people at home make Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes on a daily basis, such knives are indispensable.
Because santoku knives are somewhat smaller than chef’s knives, they’re especially popular in Japan for home use and with people who cook a lot of vegetables, and customers elsewhere in the world who use them find them especially suitable for such purposes as well.

Santoku knife is second one from the last.

Santoku knives also make it easy to prepare hard vegetables such as burdock. When it comes to curry vegetables and the like, I chop them into somewhat large chunks to preserve the texture.

You can also use soybeans, chickpeas, or something similar instead of ground meat to prepare a vegetarian dish.

And if you happen to have some Japanese miso when you do so, I definitely recommend trying it out as a secret ingredient. Miso will add a sort of richness and savoriness to the food to give it a rich taste even if you don’t use meat.
Because depth of taste is emphasized for Japanese cuisine, when cooking at home, it’s quite common to add just a bit of miso or soy sauce even to Western-style cooking to bring out some of that distinctive Japanese taste.

The last things I added to my curry were tomatoes and celery, and I fried everything together to finish a refreshing dish perfect for summer.


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