Octagonal prism handle from Samurai sword

Our kitchen knife’s handle is an octagonal prism.

If you have never used one before, you might be thinking to yourself: is it hard to hold?

But it is worth giving it a try. With the way that it fits right into your hand, you can really feel how smoothly force transfers to the knife.

The origin of the octagonal prism design can be traced back to a former samurai katana hilt design. The city of Seki, where this kitchen knife is made, has a prosperous swordsmithing history. You can feel how the techniques inherited from the swordsmithing era have carried over to the modern day kitchen knife.

Even when handling particularly juicy ingredients, or with wet hands, this easy to grip, slip resistant knife is safe to use.

Also, You can attach an original logo to our knives.  Some of our customers attach Kanji character logos as well.  We can suggest kanji character logo designs, so if you’re interested, by all means please let us know.