Chilled Shabu Shabu Salad

Continuing on from last time, we introduce a cool dish for summer, because somehow it’s really hot this summer in Japan!

Its important to stay well nourished and avoid fatigue from the heat during these hot summer days.


When you get tired from the summer heat, chilled Pork Shabu Shabu Salad is good for care your summer weariness, delicately boiled pork left to cool down and arranged with a salad drizzled with Ponzu citrus soy sauce dressing.

Santoku knife is good for cutting the onion slices.
Using a sharp knife means you can prepare onions easily with no tears.
The weight of the blade cuts straight through the onion leaving the layers intact.

The Santoku knife is the knife most commonly used in Japanese homes. As long as you have one, you can handle any ingredient that comes your way, from vegetables to meat and fish.

These knives are widely accepted as multi-purpose knives with which you can handle any kind of cooking, including delicious cuisine from abroad.

It’s easy to handle, with a size slightly smaller than a Chef knife.
You can use it to make dishes from your own country’s traditions, dainty Japanese dishes, or cuisine from around the world.

Our OEM-Japanese kitchen knives concentrates on Design, Material and Sharpness.
We will provide with outstanding quality of products for making your private brand.

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