Chinese-inspired stir fry

I made this chinese-inspired stir fry using nira (chinese chives), bean sprouts, and seasoned ground chicken.

It’s full of garlic and ginger, so it’s sure to give you stamina! It’s also flavored with chinese rice wine and chicken soup stock.

I use this smaller size paring knife. It makes cutting garlic and herbs a breeze. It’s a little bit on the larger than average petty knife, perfect for those times when you want to whip up a tasty home-cooked meal in a hurry! I am a fruit person and this petty knife is supper good for cutting fruits.

We have this series of kitchen knives. Most popular one oversea customer is Chef knife and we also want you to get a Santoku knife, a Japanese styled almighty knife.

If you have an idea of making your original knives and sell at your shop or restaurant, we can engrave your original logo on it.