Oden hot pot party!

Today’s dinner is Oden!

Oden is a type of Japanese hot pot, made by simmering various ingredients such as radish, various meatball-shaped fish paste, and boiled egg in a soup with soy sauce, sake, and other seasonings.

It is a popular family dish. Many people enjoy eating it at home.

Oden is also sold at convenience stores or street stand bars in winter season.
At Oden bars, you can choose what you would like to eat from a large pot of Oden. Oden is a casual Japanese food and a single ingredient is available from 100yen(less than $1).

Oden bar

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When you make it at home, it’s fun to arrange ingredients what you like. I like to put in some western-style foods like sausages and stuffed cabbage. That’s also popular ingredients in modern day Oden.

In order to help flavor penetrate the radish, make a cross shaped cut into the radish. 

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