It’s the season for chilled Chinese noodles!

It's the season for chilled Chinese noodles!
I always think, "Ah, summer has begun!" once I start to see 
posters for them at Ramen eateries.
Chilled noodle dishes are a summertime favorite.

An ample harvest of summer vegetables from the garden was a perfect opportunity to make chilled Chinese noodles.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, and I also added mint from my garden.
Using a high quality, sharp knife makes it a breeze to finely slice ripe and juicy tomatoes.

With chilled Chinese noodles, it's important to top them with plenty of colorful vegetables,
enough to completely cover the noodles.
Even if the summer heat stifles your appetite, this colorful, refreshing dish can perk it right back up again. 

The Santoku knife is the knife most commonly used in Japanese homes. As long as you have one,
you can handle any ingredient that comes your way, from vegetables to meat and fish. 

These knives are widely accepted as multi-purpose knives with which you can handle any kind of cooking,
including delicious cuisine from abroad.

It's easy to handle, with a size slightly smaller than a Chef knife.
You can use it to make dishes from your own country's traditions, dainty Japanese dishes, or cuisine from around the world.

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