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Let’s find the perfect chef knife in Japan.
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For Superior Cutting Ability

There are customers who, upon purchasing a Japanese kitchen knife for the first time, rave about the sharpness of its blade. If you’re looking to be impressed by the cutting ability of your knife, you should look for a product with a thin, sharp blade. 

Tomato slicing with a japanese knife

You will be able to pass the blade through your ingredients with ease and enjoy the beauty of a clean cut. However, a knife with a thin blade can be easily nicked, so it is necessary to diligently sharpen your knife with a whetstone. 

Customers who are really enthusiastic about Japanese knives often purchase a whetstone together with their knife. If you are looking for exceptional cutting ability, I recommend purchasing a whetstone that is suited to your professional grade knife; after all, sharpening your knife can be a pleasure in itself.
For Durability and Value

For knives intended for shared use in restaurants to prepare large quantities of food, durability is essential. A knife that is easy to care for and won’t easily chip even without frequent sharpening is the most suitable for home use as well. And at the affordable price of about $100, this is a popular choice.

For a Beautiful Look and Japanese Feel

Knives with a beautiful design and Japanese style handles are also popular. A knife with Japanese characters inscribed on the blade and a typically Japanese handle placed in its case makes for a highly appealing gift. 

There are people who build their personal collections of kitchen knives based not only on the excellence with which a knife performs its basic cutting function, but also in appreciation of the beautiful shape of the knife and the texture of the materials from which its handle and blade are produced. 

Rather than owning a large number of kitchen knives, it is more important to have a tool that you love to use, which lasts for a long time and helps you enjoy the art of cooking.
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