Takamura japanese knives

Good materials, superior craftsmanship, and perfect sharpness have been the focus of Takamura work since 1910.
Echizen began developing stainless steel knives over 50 years ago, an uncommon venture at the time,
and was the first to manufacture knives using high-tech materials such as powder high-speed steel and powder high-speed stainless steel.
Over the years they have released countless stainless steel knives renowned for their solidity and maintaining a sharp edge.
The knives’ cutting ability quickly earned them a great reputation, and they are now used by top chefs around the world.4

These well-made knives maintain their sharpness with minimal upkeep. They craft their knives with the needs of professionals in mind,
making them durable and resistant to chips or blemishes.
The proper weight and center of balance help users easily cut ingredients without growing tired.
These knives balance moderate pliability with a toughness suitable for cutting delicate ingredients. 

Never relying on machines to take shortcuts, and complete devotion to even what your customer doesn’t see.
That’s the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.