Want to slice delicious sushi with a sharp knife? 1/2

I see makizushi (rolled sushi) a lot overseas. Tuna and salmon seem to be the most popular types. The colorfulness of Sushi make them a feast for the eyes too. Being able to try Japanese food in different countries is great.

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Unfortunately, I also see a lot of rolled sushi that is smashed and ruined.If you destroy sashimi, you destroy the cyber cells, which causes the good flavor to escape. So if you want to enjoy delicious sushi, make sure to get yourself a good sashimi knife!

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There are Japanese knives that are perfect for cutting fish.The sharp sashimi knives are perfect for slicing sashimi. 

Don’t destroy the fish – Not only will the sushi stay beautiful but you can also keep the flavor.Because it is a simple dish, the freshness of the ingredients,  quality of the tools, and skill of the chef will all affect the sushi greatly. 

Next, we will show you Japanese sashimi knives!