Warm your body with ginger flavor

I just tried making beef and onions simmered in soy sauce.

First slice onions and julienne ginger. Then gently simmer the beef with soy sauce, sugar, and sake.

The flavor of ginger helps increase appetite. In Japan, the autumn leaves have become beautiful, and it’s getting colder and colder. Ginger helps warm your body, so I love to eat a lot of it in the cold winter months.

This dish also tastes great over rice.

Santoku knife is good for cutting the onion slices.
Using a sharp knife means you can prepare onions easily with no tears.
The weight of the blade cuts straight through the onion leaving the layers intact.

The Santoku knife is the knife most commonly used in Japanese homes. As long as you have one, you can handle any ingredient that comes your way, from vegetables to meat and fish. How about to get one?