Misono UX10 Swedish Stainless Steel Professional Boning Knife No.743


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Misono is the leading Japanese kitchen knife company in Seki-city, a Japanese sword-making capital with over 800 years of blade smithing history and traditions. Using high quality Swedish stainless steel, Misono combined their traditional technology  with new technology to create this ultimate line stainless steel chef’s knives. Many people might think that a full-fledged kitchen knife is heavy. The most characteristic feature of the Misono kitchen knife is its lightness. Not only is it light, but the overall balance is also great, and it is easy to control.

The UX10 series, which can be said to be the flagship model of the Misono knife, has lightness and the sharpness of the highest rank of misono. It is made of “high-purity pure stainless steel,” which is the highest peak of Swedish special steel, and is rapidly cooled after quenching, so it is a rust-resistant knife that can be used for a lifetime. A remarkable feature is the riveted nickel silver bolster. It has increased durability and balances the weight of the blade and handle.

It is a professional boning knife that is convenient when cooking whole meat with bones or chicken. It can also be used for cooking fish. The blade is thick and the handle is large, making it a stable and comfortable grip.


Model Misono No.743
Knife type Boning
Blade Double edged blade
Steel UX10 stainless Steel
Handle Ply wood
HRC 59-60
Blade length 110 mm
Full length 270 mm
Weight 155  g

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120mm, 130mm, 150mm


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