Seki Kanetsune Fruit knife with wooden sheath ST-700


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This manufacturer Kitasho Co., Ltd. established in 1948 in Seki city, the city of Blades.
Kanetune brand was named after the real well-known master swordsmith 兼常-Kanetune in the 14th century. They continue to provide traditional swords, knives, kitchen knives, and scissors.

It is made of molybdenum steel. It has a long sharpness, and is easy to sharpen. It has excellent maintainability and is easy to use at home.

This Santoku type fruit knife comes with a cool wooden sheath that makes it safe to carry and store.


Model Seki Kanetsune ST-700
Knife type Santoku, Fruit knife
Steel Molybdenum steel
Handle Plywood
Blade length 110 mm
Full length 210 mm
Weight 70 g

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120mm, 130mm, 150mm


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