Cook grilled chicken with Gyuto knife

This time we cooked up some grilled chicken.

Grated ginger and garlic, sake, soy sauce, plenty of black pepper, and chicken thighs, grilled in a frying pan or on the grill. The seasoning is a bit strong, to excite the appetite. It’s naked, so it’s healthier than fried chicken.
For the side menu, we made some burdock and potato salad, and added some peaches.

A Gyuto chef knife is recommended for prepping the meat.
We have three kinds of chef knives, with 240, 210, and 180 blade lengths.
The chef knife is the most popular kitchen knife among our customers overseas.

You can attach an original logo to our knives.
Why not sell an original knife at your knife shop, gift shop, or restaurant?
Some of our customers attach kanji character logos as well.
We can suggest kanji character logo designs, so if you’re interested, by all means please let us know.