Appetizers of Japanese new year holiday

Happy new year.
New year holiday is one of most important holiday for Japanese family.
All family member and relatives come back to their hometown and celebrate new year with special meal.
Meal of the holiday are made with a wish for health and long life, wealth and prosperity for the family. I made some of these meals with my mother.

Appetizers of Japanese new year holiday

For example, Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) is most commonly presented as a combination of the colors red and white. The red color is believed to prevent evil spirits, while the white represents purity.

And Japanese beans “mame” originally means good health and strength in
Japanese, beans represents a wish to live and work in sound health during the next year.

When we make these new year meal, we often do decorative cutting with vegetables and ingredients to make the meal look more gorgeous. Good knives help you a lot to do delicate works.

What do you usually eat with your family at special holiday?
Get a new kitchen knife and make a special meal for it!