About Kajibee blacksmith forged kitchen knives Made in Sanjo, Japan

かじ兵衛 The Kajibee knives are made by master blacksmith Kunio Ishikawa and his son. The small and authentic factory in the Japanese city of Sanjo. Ishikawa uses only the traditional Japanese steels as Aogami and Shirogami by Hitachi Yasuki Steel. All Kajibee knives are hand-forged in a traditional wood-fired oven and then hand polished.
This technique is from father to son and comes from the ancient art of forging swords which has been perfected by the Japanese. Kajibee knives are only produced in small quantities, so delivery times are sometimes very long. If you need these knives, Please feel free to contact us. Their knives are so unique and very special.

Shirogami#2 Santoku 165mm with white ho wood handle

Shirogami#2 Nakiri 165mm with white ho wood handle

Damascus Aogami#2 Santoku 165mm with brown ho wood handle

Damascus Aogami#2 Nakiri 165mm with brown ho wood handle

65 layers damascus and stainless overlay

His handmade fire oven.

He loves sake and beer. He is denting his belly at this time…

Hit many times, the blade will be shaped.

They do all works by themselves.

He confirmed the sharpness repeatedly every time sharpening slightly.

He is always serious when touching knives.

Kunio Ishikawa and his son.