Newest spot in Tokyo. GINZA SIX

I went to Tokyo’s new shopping spot, GINZA SIX which is a hot topic now. 241 brands are gathered and you can enjoy shopping in a refined space. 

Of course, many high brands of the world are opened, but for customers coming from overseas, please enjoy shopping unique Japanese products together with Tokyo sightseeing! 

ART of Yayoi Kusama

The grand opening has been celebrated with the latest installations of the avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama, the best known Japanese artists in the world. Her art many features polka dots and nets as major themes and pumpkins as the motif. Many people have taken pictures with smartphones. 


Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten 

Focusing on Japanese craft, their base for production, they’ve selected higher quality goods in material and technique from the proud products. For the gift wrapping, they offer Japanese traditional “Origata” using washi paper and cord knot. You can see some kitchen knives of Tsubame Sanjo (Our comany is in Tsubame sanjo) here. 



After tiring with shopping, we recommend the food area of the basement floor. Tsujiri is a sweet shop with a reputation for Matcha’s sweets. 

In addition to souvenirs such as cakes, Matcha soft cream available on the bench in front of the store and Matcha Float are very popular. 


If you are looking for Japanese traditional crafts and popular cutlery, 

Please contact us! We will support shopping!