Which is the superior chef knife? 1/2

Chef knives are the most popular kitchen knife in the western world. 
Most Japanese households use Santoku knives of a smaller size, having the impression that chef knives are strictly for professional use, while most foreign customers purchase chef knives for both professional and home use.

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The long, narrow edge of a chef knife is sharp with a curved shape. By pressing down with the curved edge of the blade and applying pressure you are able to cut into your ingredients, so that even a large piece of meat can be cut with ease. This sharp edge makes it easy to cut into food and also to separate meat from bones.
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The all-purpose chef knife can be used to prepare not only meat, but also vegetables, fish, and seafood. It’s length makes it perfect for finely shredding a large cabbage; with only this superb kitchen knife, you can prepare just about anything.

So of all the chef knives available, which is the superior product?

Coming next, let’s find the perfect chef knife.