Seki Kaneyoshi 兼義 Aogami#2 Blue Forged Santoku Knife 165mm


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Kaneyoshi’s Japanese kitchen knife is made in Seki-city, a Japanese sword-making capital with over 800 years of blade smithing history and traditions. This knife uses a composite material for the blade. A composite material is a material made by heating and forging soft iron, which is the base metal, and adhering blade steel (blue paper). The blade steel is Hitachi Yasugi Steel, which has a history of 100 years.

This kitchen knife is made of steel and sandwiched by soft iron from both sides. As it is used as black skin, it does not rust easily. It is an old-fashioned black kitchen knife, and the material blue paper has excellent abrasion resistance and long-lasting sharpness.
Santoku knife is the most popular type of knife that has evolved together with the Japanese culture. It is an all-purpose knife that could prepare pretty much any ingredient.


Model Seki Kaneyoshi Santoku Knife 165 mm
Knife type Santoku
Steel Aogami#2
Handle Magnolia tree
Blade length 160 mm
Weight 80 g
Box size 325x  72x 28 mm

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